How to not steal *everything*?

I am using the “Key Down” event in my prototype to check whether the user is pressing the delete or backspace keys.

This works fine - however the problem is that this steals ALL of the standard web browser function keys such as F5 (refresh), F11 (full-screen) and F12 (developer tools). How do I look for keypresses without (effectively) killing the user’s ability to operate their browser?

Hi @JMW,

You should use conditions to check if the key pressed is “Bakcspace” or “Delete”

Here a mockup:
keydown.rp (41.9 KB)
A widget is shown only if the key pressed is “Bakcspace” or “Delete”

Hope it will help you,

Thanks for your input, but I was already doing this (albeit on a control Key Down event, not on a Page Key Down event). I had to disable the control as this behavior was unacceptable.

Weirdly re-enabling it now (without changing anything) it has started working properly. I have made no changes relating to keys so I’ll just have to put it down to being “one of those things…” :slight_smile:

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