How to open the image from repeater on different page without states

Hi! Is there any possibility to take an image from one page repeater and OnClick open this image on different page.
My case: There are small item cards with image and name. OnClick I want to open second page with full information. All the other information I managed to open but not image.
Problem is, that if I want to add rows on first page repeater, then I can not use just planted images on different states on the second page.

I send images of two my pages:
Page one:

OnClick on Item card opens the second page, but without image:

Thank You!

You cannot pass images from one page to another, only data. If you can pass a reference to the images used on Page 1, like a name or URL, you can pass that via global variable.

How are you adding images to the repeater in Page 1 when you add a row? You should be able to recreate that in the Page Loaded event of Page 2.

If not, I would recommend faking Page 2 and do it all on Page 1.

  • So, rather than opening Page 2, change the state of a dynamic panel to show the same content.
    • Select all the unique content on Page 1 and create a dynamic panel.
    • Add a second state. This is to show all the content from Page 2.
    • Select all the unique content on Page 2 and copy it.
    • Paste into the second state of your dynamic panel on Page 1.
  • When you dynamically load an image in the repeater, load the same image into the “page 2 state”
    • You could have a repeater for your “page 2 images”, and when you add a row to the “page 1 repeater” also add a row with the same image reference to the “page 2 repeater.”
  • Shared content from both pages (header, footer, etc.) of course does not need to be duplicated.

Another approach would be to add all the unique content from Page 2 as a dynamic panel state within your repeater.

  • Select all the content in your Page 1 repeater cell. Create a dynamic panel. Add a second state.
  • Copy & paste the unique content from Page 2 into this second state.
  • Adjust the Item Loaded event to set things in this second state, including the image.
  • Change your Open Link actions in the repeater to Change Panel State and/or assign it to the Dynamic Panel with conditional case of “If state of This is State1, Change Panel State of This to State2”.

You can encode your images to base64 :grinning:

and base64 strings can be saved to globalvariable.

but… it is too slow to load when images are huge.

Thank you!
I used dynamic panel and so it works!!!