How to pass text ( form inputs ) from one page to other page - Very Urgent

Question from a beginner and exploring Axure.

I am trying to create a page ( form ) wanted to display the data in the form of row in different page. Please help me how do i do it ?

An other query …

Here is a scenario, i have a dropdown with values ( Pending, Completed ) and if i provide few input fields ( form ) and a status as pending ( drop down ) all these fields should be displayed in the form of a row in pending page . How do i do it ?

You can do this with Global Variables. If you want to pass data between two pages, set the data on the first page, e.g., set OnLoadVariable to “Pending” Then, on the second page you can read that data, e.g., if OnLoadVariable = Pending” Update Row.

You can use the OnPageLoad event to do things automatically as the page loads.

I recommend going through the Axure tutorial on variables, it’s a quick way to learn this.

Also, if you could post your .rp file it would help people here help you easier.

Thanks Mate…

Sorry for not attaching .rp file…

Attaching with this message, Wanted to pass form fields ( create tab >> profile ) to page 3 in row.

Recruitment APP.rp (241.3 KB)

Can you please help ?

Hey imshreenath,

As mbc66 mentioned, you’ll want to use global variables to transfer data from one page to another. I’d recommend checking out our documentation on global variables here:

So let’s say you wanted to transfer the text in the First Name and Last Name text fields to a repeater on Page 3. You could do this by first creating two global variables, e.g. FirstNameVar, LastNameVar, and setting the value of those variables to the text on the First Name and Last Name text fields via OnLostFocus. On load of Page 3, add an “Add Rows” interaction to add a row to a repeater to the value of FirstNameVar and LastNameVar. I’d recommend using repeaters if you wanted to dynamically add multiple widgets to a page. However, as repeaters are an advanced feature of Axure RP, I’d recommend checking out our documentation on repeaters as well before getting started:

Recruitment APP_EDIT.rp (246.8 KB)