How to prototype phone OS elements?

Hi guys!
What’s the best practice to prototype a selector displayed on the screenshot?
Just a plain picture and the developer knows how to do it?
Or is there an easy solution to integrate the selection-wheel?

Thanks for your help!

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Hi gegenwind!

If you would like to integrate a selection wheel similar to this into your prototype, you could use dynamic panels to create a carousel. There is a tutorial on how to create carousels using dynamic panels available on the Axure site here.

You can also see how this carousel functionality can be implemented using a swiping motion, similar to the selection wheel shown, in this forum post.

While these interactions will not result in an exact replica of the given selector, they will be able to interact in a similar way.

I hope this helps!


If you use a Default > Forms > Droplist widget, it will behave like a “native droplist” on whatever platform and browser. So, if you’re only concerned with how this behaves and looks on iOS devices, that is the easiest way. You can use some tricks to style the droplist (and hide its non-stylable aspects, like a square border). Here is a quick and rough example. It will behave correctly on iOS and maybe close enough on other platforms. More tweaks can be done on the visuals, of course.

iOS-Droplist.rp (87.3 KB)