How to pull and push widget aside?

Hey folks,

I was trying to make a prototype where there’s a pinned top bar and a pinned side bar. There’s a button that controls to switch between maximized side bar and minimized side bar. I tried the “sandwich” approach but it didn’t work…:disappointed_relieved:

The problem is: the pinned-to-top bar doesn’t pull/push the side bar. See the screenshot.

Thanks in advance.


Not exactly clear what you mean by:

First of all, if you are trying to move a dynamic panel (dp) that is pinned, it won’t work because when it is pinned it cannot move. Secondly, if you are relying on the “push/pull widgets” functionality (for instance if you are hiding or changing states of the top panel) then it would not affect anything to the left of it–that is just not supported by the “push/pull widgets” option. You can only affect widgets below or to the right, not above or to the left.

I don’t know what you mean by the “sandwich approach”…

See this .rp file for an approach which could work for this. It has a dp pinned to the left with two states: minimized and maximized. Clicking the top dp changes the state of the left dp to appear as if it slides in and out. Other widgets on the page get push/pulled to demonstrate how that works.

PinnedPanelsPushPull.rp (85.9 KB)


Thanks for your reply. By default, the side bar is maximized. When you click on the switch button, which is pinned aside the side bar, the side bar is minimized.

The effect is as the screenshots attached.

I’d probably just have two dynamic panels: one for the pinned side bar and the other containing the content. Then OnClick on the side bar a conditional statement that moves the content panel to the desired position depending on the current state (expanded or collapsed).