How to recover comments from previous versions?

Hi guys!

I’ve created a version 2 of an rp and uploaded it on the same url as the v1. Now I can see only comments for this last version 2.

I’ve tried to upload v1 but I only see the same comments of v2.

Is there a way I could recover the v1’s comments?

Thank you!!! :frowning:


When you add discussions to a prototype on Axure Share, those discussions are tied to the project ID. If you publish a different file to the same Axure Share ID and overwrite your previous file, then the discussions that had been submitted for the original file won’t show up in the new file’s discussions tab, but will still be available on Axure Share. To view those, log in to <>, locate your project, and open the “Discussions” view; this should show the discussions both from your V1 project and your V2 project.

Hopefully that helps!