How to remove the Default Libraries?

Axure comes with a bunch of default widget libraries. I don’t want to use most of them and I’d like to remove them. I made a folder with all of the Material Icons I need to use on our platform and I’d like that to display instead. But right now I’m stuck with this huge list of stuff I don’t need and I have no idea where they are or how to remove them. They’re not in the “Libraries” folder. My Library of Material Icons is there but it’s pushed down by this:

Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but you can use the dropdown there (“All Libraries”) to filter the list to only show a specific library (the one you want).

Thanks for responding. That doesn’t solve my problem though.

However I found a “sort of” fix.

By removing the libraries you don’t want from here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Axure\Axure RP 9\DefaultSettings\Libraries

And then loading the project FROM THE PROJECT FILE directly you can use just what you want.

However, as soon as you load the program from the main program shortcut it will automatically replace those defaults again whether you want that or not.

There ought to be a way to remove anything I want from the widget library panel. And I should also be able to choose more than one or all to display. If that was already a feature I wouldn’t have had to ask about this in the 1st place because I would just display only the three I want.

Does that folder contain only the default libraries? Maybe you could make it read only.

i mean maybe? but it would be a lot easier and more user-friendly if I could just hide or remove them from the Libraries panel.

Yeah, sure, that would be best. But until then it could be a workaround.