How to reset a selection group?

I have a named selection group but cannot figure out how to reset it so nothing is selected.

Yes my selection group has a name. No the name is not available in the Target droplets for the “Selected/Checked” action.

How to reset a selection group?

Hi @john_t,

If you’re referring to removing a selection group from a widget, you can do so by simply deleting the selection group that it is currently in and leaving that field blank.

Selection groups are not able to be targetted by the “Set Selected/Checked” interaction and their function is to only allow one widget in the selection group to be selected at a time. In case you haven’t already, you can learn more about selection groups by navigating to our reference page below:

If you want to see selection groups in action, I have attached an example .rp file with widgets you can select as well. Selection Groups.rp (52.7 KB)

I should clarify. I want to reset a group so that no matter which member has been selected, all members of the group are deselected. Like resetting a form.

Ah, thanks for that clarification. This is also possible!

One way to do this would be to place your widgets in a group, and then target the group to have a “Set Selected/Checked” to “false”. This way, all widgets in the widget group will have their selected state set to false. I have also attached an example .rp file demonstrating this below.

Reset Selection Groups.rp (50.7 KB)