How to reset form contents

Hi there,
I have a long, complex form that will be opened, filled and closed repeatedly. Is there a way to reset or clear the content without specifying each and every item? I need the form to open in it’s original state each time. Using different pages or states will not work in this case.


Reloading the page is easiest way to do this. If you think that’s not an option, rethink why not. Also rethink why a different page could not work. It the form is on its own page and you load that page in an inline frame then you can easily reset it by reloading that inline frame while still remaining on the parent page.

Or, depending on the complexity of your form, you could do it in a repeater and easily reset everything by refreshing the repeater.

If you’re still thinking it can’t work like this, what’s so bad about specifying all the widgets? You could do this once (with one statement even, just do it for one widget, like, “set text on A to “” “ then check all the rest of your form widgets and the statement will copy automatically. Assign it to a hidden buttton or widget and then repeatedly call it with one line of code at any point—or assign it to the form’s OnHide or OnShow event, as long as the form is grouped or in a dynamic panel so you can just hide it and show it to reset.

I’m not aware of being able to use an inline frame while remaining on the parent page. This sounds promising. The page I’m working with has both edit states and view states, kind of like accordions. The user will be able to cumulatively add content and there is more than one form on the page. This is why I can’t take them to a new page, otherwise all their work will be lost.

I am also not aware of being able to use a repeater for a form. I’ve only used if for a table. Two things I’ll have to explore, thanks.

I can specify the widgets, however there are 40 some objects on one form, plus progressive disclosure items that appear. Moving these items up and down mean I have to move everything else on the page and again, the placement depends on what the user has already entered… I find the push pull, doesn’t always work, so I end up manually entering placement. The long and short is it’s already complex and slow and manually clearing each widget will make it even more complex and slow.