How to Rollback from 3699

3699 has borked my fonts. how can i rollback to previous version.

Hi sdigre,

I’m sorry to hear that your fonts aren’t working correctly with the 3699 build. You should be able to find the installation file for the previous build (3693) at the link below:

That being said, you may wish to first try updating to the latest release candidate (3701), as we have implemented a few fixes in this release, which may resolve the issue you have encountered. If you would like to try this, from within Axure RP you can click “Help > Check for Updates”, tick the checkbox labelled “Include beta channel builds” followed by clicking the “Download” button.

If that hasn’t helped, I would like to look into the matter further and file a bug report if necessary. If you are able to send us a quick email to and attach your projects .rp/.rpteam file. that would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that helps but if you have any questions, please do let me know!

Reverting back to 3661 fixed the issue.

The issue was, local font, font-weight would not change the rendered displayed font when switching between Light and Book. Bold worked fine. Same corporate style guide typeface fonts I’ve been using for 3 years ish. This issue was in edit and preview.

Hi sdigre,

Thanks for following up on this. We made a few tweaks to font handling in the latest build, and I’d like to make sure that your font works properly. If you’re able to, can you send a copy of the font to with a link to this thread so that I see it? If that’s not possible, the name of the font in question would also be helpful. Thanks!