How to scroll two dynamic panels simultaneously



Hey there,

I have two dynamic panels that are horizontally scrollable.

In my example, I’m looking to horizontally scroll section A while simultaneously horizontally scroll section B.

I am able to log the x position of scroll A by using set text on widget for [[LVAR1.scrollX]], but I don’t see an option to set that number to the scrollX position of Scroll B.

I basically just want Scroll A’s x position == to Scroll B’s x position.

Is this possible?

I’ve attached my axure file in case you want to give it a stab.

Thank you!

move2atTime_v2.rp (54.0 KB)



There is no “set scroll of panel” command, unfortunately. Instead, move a tiny widget (e.g., a hotspot) to the desired scroll position in the panel, and then use the Scroll to Widget command, targeting that hotspot.

So in this case in OnScroll of the top panel you would move the widget in the bottom panel to scrollX of the top panel, and then use Scroll to Widget targeting that widget.


It is possible.

You have create widget inside panel you want to scroll, move this widget based on scroll of the other panel, and use “Scroll to widget” command.

Here: move2atTime_v3.rp (56.4 KB)


Ahh thank you! Didn’t think to fire event onKeyUp!


Hi! is it possible for you (if you still have the file) to save it in a previous Axure version? I have the 8 one and cannot see the solution you shared. Thank you!!


Alas, it is not possible to save in 8 version.


what a pitty! :frowning: thanks for the quick response!!


Is there a way to do this vertically? I tried to change the x to y coordinates and was unsuccessful.



Yes, this can be done vertically.


File: (Axure 8, but should work in all versions) scroller.rp (112.6 KB)

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Thanks josephxbrick, this is great!