How to set a specific panel state when mobile is at a certain geo location

I have designed an Axure prototype including panel states for an mobile app design. I would like the panel states to change to a specified state when the phone moves to a specified geo location.

In other terms, when phone is near [geo location XY], set panel state to Z.

Is this possible with javascript or similar, if so, has anyone done something like this and can share some lines of code? as well as how to implement it in Axure RP 8?


Should be possible but the effort to do this is almost 100% outside of using Axure. I don’t know enough about browser location APIs but in general, you’ll need to:

Write JS that:

  • Requests permission to use user’s location
  • Periodically check location (This, along with accurately determining their location is probably a lot of work)
  • Changes the panel state when your conditions are met (This is easy and only maybe 1% of the work).

Is it possible? Probably. I don’t know how accurate the location will be (I’m gonna guess resolution of maybe on the order of hundreds of feet). You’ll probably have to do some research into the various browsers and how they’ve implemented location APIs.

Alternatively, you could just add a button for your prototype for the user to press when they’re at the location to simulate this happening. That’d only take you thirty seconds to do.

Here’s some documentation on the feature: