How to show a special visual indication only on one row of repeater



Hi All,

I have a repeater with some rows, for one of the row i want to show more details on a separate share(just below the row) but this should be visible only for one row.

I have attached a sample where you can see a rectangle shape appears on every row but wanted to show this to only on second row. Repeater- with additional details for a row.rp (54.4 KB)

is there any way to do this with repeater?

Thanks in advance.


Yep - hide it by default and add a case on load that looks to see if the value of column0 is “2”. If it is, then show it.

See attached - I added an additional case in the onItemLoad logic.

Repeater- with additional details for a row.rp (51.6 KB)


Thank you @UXProtoTyper for quick help. it solves my issue. :slight_smile:

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