How to show more than 3 repeater columns?

Hi !

I made the repeater table below, which has around 15 columns and 3 rows. My trouble is that I can’t find in the Axure how to show more than these 3 columns in the repeater. Can someone help me ?

I am struggling with the same issue. Can’t figure out the logic of this widget yet.

OK, Figured it out. You need to click the table twice and then you get the ability to edit it (like we had in the past for Dynamic Panels). You’ll see only one row as it is a repeater. So you need to edit this row and it will repeat.

To add a column you need to add rectangle (shapes) to the row, or another shape you wish and in the editing panel link the column you wish to show to the rectangle you just added.

In other words, you need shapes and then link the data into those shapes.

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Thank you, very much ! I managed it to work the way you described.

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