How to show widget when user starts filling the form?

Hey all.
I’m designing a web form which should have “auto-save” functionality, meaning there is no “save” button as everything user types or selects is saved automatically. Similar way than for example in Google Docs.

What would be easiest way to demonstrate this in Axure? Basically what should happen is, that when user starts typing something to text field, (s)he should see “auto-saved” notification on the page. When (s)he stops typing, notification should disappear after few seconds.

Hi @215,
you can use the OnTextChange interaction on the input(s) in which the users are writing. This would trigger an event on every input the user enters. In your case you would need to show a hidden paragraph, set a wait event and hide it afterwards again.

Autosave.rp (47.4 KB)

Wonderful. Thank you very much!