How to skew a rectangle?



Could someone clarify if it´s possible to skew a rectangle in Axure RP?

The Widget Style Manager don´t has CSS transforms and I can´t import custom stylesheets to my project.

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Hi! There isn’t a “skew” feature per say, but if you need something beyond rotation, flipping, and adjusting a widget’s width/height, then you can right-click a widget and choose “Convert to Custom Shape”; this will allow you more control as you edit the now-custom shape.

There are also a few transformations that may come in handy:

Hopefully that helps a bit!


Yes, Alyssa, it helps! Thank you!

But I had to mess with “point” because my context menu didn´t show the “convert to custom shape” option.
Notice that I am using Axure RP 9. This options was removed from context menu?

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Hi Thiago!

The “Edit Points” option has replaced “Convert to Custom Shape” in Axure RP 9. You can find the “Edit Points” option in the context menu by right-clicking on your shape widget.


In addition, you can click along the border of the widget to enter point-editing mode directly! Your cursor will change to the point tool when you’re along the widget’s border.


Nice, Chelsea and Rachel!

Thanks for your help :wink: