How to trigger event on different page

Hi guys!

I’m new to Axure and happen to use it only due to Uni assessments. I have to create a prototype of a mobile game and I came across two issues with my project, but one of them is really bothering me!

In the timed game section (5 minutes game) you have the option to click “Invent” which in my plan is making item disappear from this page and appear on a different page - Invent --> Storage.
Here comes the issue, how can I make the item appear on one page after interaction on the second one?

I know there’s an option to use the dropdown list and global variable but I would have to change the entire prototype to do that.
Any of you aware of how to do it?

link to prototype:

Greatly appreciate help any any feedback

In the first page, in the CLICK OR TAP event of “Invent” set the value of a global variable, e.g.,
"Set OnLoadVariable to [[This.text]]"

in the PAGE LOADED event of the second page, add a conditional case like,
"If value of OnLoadVariable equals "Invent"
Show MyWidget
Set Value of OnLoadVariable to ""

I’m not sure where the dropdown list comes into play, nor why you would need to change entire prototype for this. Does above solution not work for some reason?

Thank you so much!

I have done it using the solution you’ve provided. Created a separate case for each element. Loads of typing and moving between frames but it works smoothly!

Thanks again!