How to undo MouseHover case

Hey Folks!
I wonder how I could reset MouseHover effect/case when I move mouse away from the object?


I think there are a few options, One is to use the MouseOver interaction style, this should go back to the previous format when the cursor leaves the object. If you need to use interactions, there is OnMouseEnter and OnMouseOut. I bet you could use the OnMouseOut to reset.

MouseOver interaction is not an option in this case as it is supposed to show another object when mouse over the object, so no text or shape formatting can be applied. The case gets more complicated because the first object (that is to be mouseover) is a grouped object, eventually it should be replaced by a new object (in dynamic panel) when mouse is moved onto it.

Also non of the above mentioned interaction styles work as supposed to, not sure why this happens, maybe because of the 1st object’s grouping?


You can make multiple objects (e.g., every object in a group or dynamic panel) show its mouseOver interaction style if you set the group’s/panel’s “Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles” to true. You can also “show” objects on mouseOver if you set opacity of its mouse-over interaction style to 100% and its normal opacity to 0%.

In this sample, the three dots are a group (whose “trigger mouse interaction styles” is set to true). The three dots’ opacity is 0%, and their mouseOver interaction style has opacity at 100%. The whole group (encompassing all objects) also has its “trigger mouse interaction styles” set to true. There is no code here; just interaction styles becoming active/inactive.

File: mouseInteractionStyles.rp (49.8 KB)

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@josephxbrick, thanks a lot, it really worked, just to note that interaction styles I used and better worked for me are OnMouseEnter and OnMouseOut accordingly. In addition, the magic with mouse-over interaction style setting to 100% boosted performance on browser side. Cheers!