How to update widget library thumbnails

I have made changes to my widget library, however, the thumbnails are showing the older designs. Is there a way to have the widget library’s thumbnail show or update to the latest designs? Please let me know, thanks!

You just need to refresh the library plugin.It may not be obvious, especially when “All Libraries” is selected by default.

Save your library – the .rplib file.
Open a new or existing .rp file (not your .rplib file.)
Select the library in your Libraries droplist (not “All Libraries”)
Click the LIbraries Option (hamburger) menu in the Libraries panel.
Select “Refresh Library”.

This will update the library for your Axure program, not just that single .rp file.
(…Of course, if you create a new library you will first need to add it in the same manner, using “Load Library…”)

Thank you. Unfortunately, the new thumbnails didn’t show up. I’ve unloaded, loaded, and refreshed in a new document and it still didn’t refreshed. I also closed out, re-open, and restarted, no luck.

Look in the properties panel when you have your item open on the canvas. You can find the settings for thumbnails there and update if necessary or have it update by default.