How to use the 'Raised event' for nested masters? (master inside another master)


I have a master (M1) which is reused inside several other masters (M2, M3, etc).
When each instance of M2, M3 are placed at the page level, I want to be able to configure different actions for M1 that target widgets outside the (M2, M3…) masters. For this, I tried to use a ‘Raised event’ in the master for M1. But this did not work, probably because my raised event is within nested masters?

Can you please tell me where to use the ‘Raised event’ in order to raise the action for M1 out of the masters M2, M3 and be accessible at the page level?


The raised event passes just one level up - so the technique is that m1 raises an event on m2, and inside that m2 event, you simply raise an event on the page.

The m2 event is just a stub, that raises another event one level higher. You can even give it the same Event name if that makes it easier.

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Hello JMW,
Thank you so much! This is excellent and exactly what I was looking for… :+1:

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