HTML Files - Reusable or Not


I was working on a website and were having stringent timelines to complete the design and development work.

So, bearing in mind the timelines, I created the prototype and published its HTML version and handed over the files to the front-end team.

But, the front-end team told me that the HTML files are only 20% reusable and the rest of the work needs to be done. Is this true that the HTML files that are published are not development-ready code?


That’s correct - Axure is a prototyping tool, not a front-end development system. It is meant for producing interactive mockups, not compliant, standards-based code. It does use some standard HTML elements as widgets (dropdowns, checkboxes etc), but it does not produce web-ready, accessible, semantically structured code, nor is it intended to.

The ‘developer handoff’ that Axure talks about in their marketing materials is all about making things easier for devs, by providing sizing, colour hex codes, image assets etc. But the work of creating valid CSS and HTML still needs to be done.

It all depends on how you structure your designs in Axure RP.

I am 100% sure the HTML and CSS files can be reused in production.

You can produce web-ready, accessible, semantically structured code is all about your design flow. You would need to think like a web developer, rather than just drawing boxes.

But you would need solid best practice in place for your design so you prototype.

Think about this Mobile App 1 golden rule “Only use 1 Page and Dynamic Panels”

Many UX Designers are not front end developers, and you have to know the basic of HTML structure to really push Axure RP to it’s limit