I don´t know work the conditional "area for widget"

Hi I´m Diego, I have a problem because, I want to create an effect so that a search engine appears and change its width but I could not do that when I clicked it again it disappears and returns its width as it was in the beginning, if someone knows I thank them, in the file there is the sheet AND-buscador. Thank you

libdiego.rplib (171.6 KB)

I don’t have a clear understanding of what your problem is but I’ll give it a try:

It is possible to set the size of a widget and have it stay that way, at least until the page refreshes.

The “area of widget” condition is primarily used for drag-drop interactions. For example:

If the area of the widget being dragged “is not over” the area of the drop zone widget, move the dragged widget back to its original location.

I hope I was able to help.

WidgetArea_and_SetSize.rp (81.4 KB)