I hate the new Dynamic Panels!

I used to have pretty complicated prototypes, with dynamic panels inside of dynamic panels. Sometimes for accordions, or visibility of things, etc… now when I open them up in Axure 9, when you have a bunch of dynamic layers close to one another, it’s impossible to figure out if you are editing a few levels in. I have to totally re-do some of my prototypes now! So frustrating…

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Hi brother, I have a little news for this problem, you can hide or show the widgets you want to see in the OUTLINE, so as not to mix yourself up during your work.
You can choose to display only the dynamic panel that you want to modify at the moment and then display the others to continue.

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You can still work in Axure 8, and update Version 9 file. that we you would understand the structure of your dynamic panel better. I still use same approach because Axure 8 is still very much relevant.


Yes, the new “edit in place” feature for dynamic panels is quite a bit different in RP9. It took me a while to get used to it–there are still things that drive me crazy, other aspects I like much better. Overall, when I have to go back to RP8 it now feels a lot clunkier.

You really have to make use of the OUTLINE pane as well as the teal control bar at the top of the editing area when you are in a DP. When I have multiple DPs, especially overlapping or nested or hidden, or the top state is empty, i find it is much easier and faster to find, select and open them from OUTLINE (the search there really helps for complicated protos)–and that’s the case in RP8 as well. The new “dynamic panel toolbar” (teal strip) can be easy to miss/forget, but it shows which DP and state you are in, and you can quickly change states, navigate the order stack, as well as hide all the widgets outside the panel (Isolate button.) I’ve found this really helps my efficiency.


I could get used to it but some panels are totally broken now. I have things set to show when you click on something, now it’s like these links don’t even exist.

To make matters worse, I can’t go back to Axure 8. This is so frustrating. This upgrade feels like it was rushed, without user testing (Hello??).

Hi jgladding!

To clarify, are you seeing that some of the dynamic panels in a project that was converted from Axure RP 8 to Axure RP 9 are not behaving in an expected way? Our support team would be happy to investigate the cause of this issue.

To further troubleshoot this, please email us at support@axure.com. Please include a copy of the project file where you are seeing this behavior, as well as more information on the dynamic panels that are not responding correctly. If you have a copy of the project as an Axure RP 8 file as well, please send this along so that we can compare the behavior between the two applications.

Thank you!

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