I need help to incorporate a local video on Axure

Hello everyone, I need help to incorporate a local video on Axure in the INLINE FRAMES widget, Axure cannot locate my video file, however the file path is correct.spinner.rp (58.5 KB)

If you’re viewing your prototype via Preview this won’t work. Because Axure is serving the preview over HTTP the browser won’t load files from your local filesystem. In fact if you open the browser console you’ll probably see an error message stating as much. This is a security feature of all browsers and there’s not a workaround (that would be called a vulnerability). If you generate the files and open the prototype from your computer then it might work, assuming your browser knows what to do with an mp4 file. I don’t know off hand if most browsers will play the video or just ask you if you want to download it.

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Thanks !
So I understand correctly, it is impossible to play a video locally in Axure RP?

No, not impossible, but you have to generate the prototype files and open them directly from the file explorer in a browser. If you want to use a local video, you can not use Preview**.

It is possible you will run into other issues though, by directly linking to an mp4 file, but that would be browser dependent and you’ll just have to try it and see if it works. You might need to mark it up with a <video> tag, but I don’t know for sure.

** You could also serve the video locally over HTTP, in which case it would work. Say you use your webserver of choice to serve the video over port 8000, you could then link the iframe to http://localhost:8000. In this case preview could work.

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Great function when I generate the prototype file, but I had to modify it in a code editor.
But would be great if the Axure team is working on this feature to read the videos locally. Because I, myself, use Axure RP to precisely simulate very large projects for websites and mobile applications.

Thanks again for your help.