I suddenly cannot add widgets to the wire frames anymore

I am working the whole day with RP9 and suddenly I cannot add widgets from the libraries anymore. I have restarted Axure and started with an empty document, but the issue remains, I can copy and paste widgets, make changes to it’s settings, but it is impossible to add new widgets from the libraries, Any of the libraries.

Hi TedKoch,

To further troubleshoot this issue, please update Axure RP 9 if you haven’t recently (which you can do by going to: Help > Check for Updates), and try restarting your machine as well. If neither of those steps help, then can you check to see if you have any apps or browser extensions installed that may affect the clipboard? In the past, we’ve seen browser extensions like Pushbullet and Clipbrd cause issues with dragging both in Axure RP as well as in other areas of the OS.

If you don’t have any browser extensions or apps like that installed, and if updating RP and restarting your computer don’t help, then please email support@axure.com about this issue, and include the following information:

  1. Are you on a Mac or Windows computer?
  2. What version and build of Axure RP are you using?
  3. Were there any recent changes made to your machine right before this issue began (such as an OS update, new software or hardware, new browser extensions, etc.)?