Icon not working on click


I have an icon overlapped with a hotspot widget and a highlighted panel. The hotspot widget is hidden on click of two folders i.e. Capital account balance under Gulf Stream Capital and Fund documents (highlighted in folder tree)
While it is being shown on click of other folders. Similarly the highlighted panel over the icon is being shown only on click of the above mentioned two folders and hidden on click of other folders.
The issue is that the icon is not getting active on click of these two folders i.e. a pop-up should open on click of the icon after I click on these two folders and icon should be disabled on click of other folders.

Note: The icon was opening the pop-up after click of these two folders before I had introduced the highlighted panel over the icon. I don’t understand why it is not working now along with the hotspot arrow.

Kindly advise how to resolve this issue. Please find attached my rp file.
Manage emails - India Team V5.rp (668.2 KB)

Outside of 1999, I don’t understand the need for hotspots or why Axure has them at all. Just set the interactions on the Icon and burn the hotspots.

Unless you’re bringing to front or sending to back, that hotspot is acting like a DEAD ZONE for anything underneath. They’re terrible. Don’t use them. Instead, get clever with Dynamic Panels. I often put changing icons inside of dynamic panels with interactions set on each icon then toggle between panel states.

Again… hotspots are terrible.