If less than a numeric value not triggering error

Hey there,
I’m struggling with a dollar amount field that first, I have set up to normalize to a dollar number format [$0.00] on lost focus that’s also triggering a Valid confirmation from a dynamic panel state. I have an error triggers set up set panel state to Error if the number is not numeric that is working.

But then if the numeric part is valid, I want it to check that it’s not lower than $5,000.00 - I’m guessing it’s using global or local variable but have tried a number of things and can’t get it to trigger the too low error if the number is less than $5,000.

07_Check if value too low.rp (631.2 KB)

Same issue as your other question. Right click on the second ‘ELSE IF’ and change it to an IF. Otherwise if the user triggers the ‘not a number’ check, the ‘lower than $5k’ check will be ignored.