I'm looking for some help to do my project

Hi, I’m Hoyoung. And now I’m studying in Japan Nagoya University.
I’m trying to make some prototype for making up the traveling route.
But it is my first time to using axure. I really don’t know about it.
This is what I made. Basic things.

And I like to make one work like this.

  1. When user click the point, then the routes belongs to the point should appear. And one more click disappear.
  2. When user choose one route and clicked it, then the selected route change to different color and number is labeled. And also one more click, reset. Choose only one route at once.
  3. Each route have variable(score). And total score can be seen.
  4. Each route have cost(moving time). And there is cost limit. So user can only select the routes that do not over the limit.

Please help me. I’m also trying my best to do this project.
It’s not that I’m asking for all about it. Just notice me what function in the axure is useful to make each steps can be work.
Sorry for the English. I’m not so good at.
I’ll be waiting for your help.


From the video it looks like you’ve already successfully gotten the images to show and hide the routes when clicked, and added your labels. To help with changing the color of the routes when clicking them, you can try adding a “Selected” interaction style to them, and then using the “Set Selected” action OnClick of the routes to set them to their selected state. This should allow them to change color.


The interactive button tutorial shows an example of how you can set a “Selected” interaction style and activate it with the “Set Selected” action.


If you want just one route to be set to selected at a time, then you can select all of the routes and add them to a selection group. Doing so will automatically deselect other widgets in the group when a new one is selected.

Hopefully that helps!