Image crop problem

I am using Axure 9.0,0.3728 on Mac
When I try to crop an image from the top edge or bottom edge, cropping happens from the opposite edge.
The image is not mirrored/flipped. It happens to any image. I tested with different images.

When I try to crop 50 px from the bottom by dragging the crop handle inward, it crops the top part.

Definitely looks like a bug or buggy interaction with another graphics app… You should send an email to to see what they can do.

I’ve never seen this with Axure on Windows, for what it’s worth.

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The bug is specific to the new release candidate 9.00.3728. Since is still the stable build for Axure RP 9, you can roll back the update by reinstalling from here:

A bug report has been filed regarding this behavior to our QA team so we can get this sorted out for the next stable build

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