Images appear in preview, but not in generated HTML

I have a prototype that i’ve been working on for the last few days, and when I have went to publish the HTML of the latest version, which only has some small changes, I notice that in my folders a lot of the images are not being generated. If I view the pages in preview within Axure then they appear.

All the images were working fine up until I published this latest version which overwrote the other one

Any suggestions?

Hmm, to confirm, is the issue with images not showing happening in the local generated HTML, or in the published Axure Share prototype? What version and build of Axure RP are you currently using? You can check this via “Help > About Axure RP”.

If it’s just the local generated HTML that’s not showing images, and from looking in the generated HTML folder you’re not seeing the images appear, then do you know whether there were any recent changes made to your machine before or at around the same time that the issue started? For example was there any change to any security software or scanning tools (like antivirus scanners, backup tools, syncing tools, etc…)? Did your most recent change include any changes specifically to the affected images, or their names?