Images in Repeaters Behaving Strangely

I have a document using repeaters with images that are set in the data columns.

Consistently, if I fill in one image for all rows in the repeater, none of them load.

For example:

If my repeater has 4 rows and I’ve set the images in three of them, it works fine. If I set the image for the fourth row, the images don’t load.

I’m completely at a loss here. This behavior makes no sense.

Hmm how odd! I’ve tested in a new file on our end and it looks like with a fresh repeater with an image widget added, the images added in the dataset show for all rows. Are you seeing this in RP 9 on Windows or a Mac? If you can reproduce it from scratch in a new file, would you mind listing the steps? If it seems to be specific to one file, then would you mind posting a sample file with the repeater so that we can take a look? If the file contains sensitive information and you’d like to share it privately, then we can also receive it via email at and work with you one on one via email to diagnose the issue. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I’ve sent the file to

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