Images not showing on IPhone 7 plus

Hi, I have tried viewing my prototype on Samsung Galaxy on Chrome and on my Mac on Chrome and images are showing ok but when I try on the iPhone 7 plus on Safari, all images don’t show.

I’ve attached the prototype for reference.

Any ideas please let me know. Already tried https:// instead of http://

Uni TT - Mobile prototype.rp (14.7 MB)

Hi axuredesigner,

I tested your prototype on our iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus device running iOS 11 and 12, and the images from the “Cardiff” and “Locations” page all showed up on our end, either in the Axure Share mobile app and through the Safari browser. Since the issue is looking like it’s device- or network-specific, could you first try viewing the project on another iPhone mobile device? How about when viewing it on another network (e.g. your home network)?