Implement checkbox with 'All' item

The features I want are as follows:

*If ‘All’ is checked, everything is checked. -> Clear! :heart_eyes:
*If ‘All’ is unchecked, everything is unchecked. -> Clear! :heart_eyes:
*If all ‘1’,‘2’,‘3’ are checked, ‘All’ is checked. -> Clear! :heart_eyes:
*If all of ‘1’,‘2’,‘3’ are checked and only one is unchecked, ‘All’ is unchecked.-> Failed! :tired_face: Only ‘All’ should be unchecked, but everything else is unchecked… (Because of the OnUnselected event applied to ‘All’)

How should the fourth(failed) feature be implemented in this case?

All Checkbox.rp (46.9 KB)

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Unfortunately, I don’t have Axure 9 so I can’t look at your project.

However, I did have to do something similar to what I think you’re trying to achieve:
ThreeStateCheckBoxes.rp (79.7 KB)

The solution involves using an icon font for the check boxes instead of using “real” check boxes and storing the selected state for each box in a repeater.


first of all, i don’t suggest using 2 states checkbox (checked / unchecked), should go with 3 states checkbox as always (checked / unchecked / indeterminate)

But back to your question and assuming we are using checked / unchecked, instead of applying heavy logic on checkbox, actually can think out of box. I did a minor change by applying a hotspot over the “All” checkbox, please take a look

All Checkbox.rp (47.9 KB)

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Thank U Very much!!! :relaxed:

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