Implementing Repeater Widget

Hi All,

We are using Axure rp 7.0 and I am pretty new to using this tool.

The challenge I am facing - I need to update a page (product details page) displaying all the product details which are entered through another page. We should be able to sort and filter the product details on the product details page. I am assuming this can be accomplished using a repeater widget but not sure how to implement it. I played with the repeater widget for sometime but thought I could use some help from this forum.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This video tutorial covers building product listings/grids with repeaters. It’s using Axure RP9, so the UI is quite different, but the principles are the same.

This is another good overview of repeater widgets.

Axure RP7 is quite an old application - if you have the ability, I’d strongly suggest upgrading, as this forum does not have any RP7 content anymore and I don’t believe there is any support available from Axure.

Thanks for your response Davegoodman. I’ll try these resources.


Hi, Vidya. If it’s useful, here’s a file that I provided attendees when I was conducting Axure workshops using version 7. There’s a page in the file that has an example repeater already built. It has sorting, filtering, pagination, and adding and deleting items.

advanced.rp (601.5 KB)


Hi Jeff,

Thank you !! Will take a look at it.