Import to Axure

Former employee lost/deleted the original RP file. Yet we have the saved HTML file created from the RP. Is there a way to recompile/import the html files hat we found.

Hi! Hmm, if the employee lost the .rp file for the project but you still have the machine that they used to work on, then you should be able to use “File > Recover File from Backup” to try recovering a backup file; by default Axure RP autosaves your backup every 15 minutes and stores them for 30 days.

Alternatively, if the backups are gone but the file had been previously published to the Axure Cloud, then you should be able to log in to the account that published the project at <> in the web browser and download the last published copy of the .rp file from the project’s Overview page. As long as the user didn’t delete the published prototype then the .rp file should be available for download.

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