Improved Javascript Injection


Hi mbc66 & dav123456,

Thank you for your shared interrest in extending Axure prototypes with custom javascript. As mbc66 describes the official method to do this is to use “AxShare” plug-ins. The limitation of this method is that it only works on prototypes hosted on AxShare. If the javascript must work when a prototype is previwed from Axure or hosted elsewhere then the “hack” is an option. Remeber that the hack is a hack, and may not work in new versions of Axure.



Another method to add custom javascript and CSS to prototypes is to “misuse” webfonts.

To add javascript use:

}</style><script type="text/javascript">
/* Insert Javascript Here */
</script><style type="text/css">{

To add css use:

/* Insert CSS Here */



Nice. Really wish plugins were a part of the file instead of the AxShare project, just like this method works.


Yes. It would be nice to get custom javascript into the Axure IDE.


A great example of Javascript injection is the awesome CSS animations library created by DeeKey.


More information about custom Javascript and CSS available here:


Hi mbc66,
May I ask you if you could please post an option with a ‘male’ voice?
Also, is it possible to control the voice’s pitch, rate and volume, by using code from this page ResponsiveVoice.JS?

Thank you,


Thanks bermanatalie,

Say, do you know if it is possible to replace the “Hello world” part with a variable from Axure? For instance, how would I get this to read back anything I type in a text field in an Axure prototype?

Well I found the answer. Use the following line where LVAR1 equals the text in the text field using the fx button.
javascript:responsiveVoice.speak(’[[LVAR1]]’, “UK English Male”);


Hi dav123456
It’s really work as a :dizzy:charm!:dizzy:

This file include:

  • 2 Female voices
  • 3 Male voices

Thank you so much!


If the text field contains a ’ or \ or newline then there will be an error. If the text field contains the text:

then the javascript becomes (after the text field value is inserted):
javascript:responsiveVoice.speak(‘iam’error’, “UK English Male”);

you can fix this by escaping some characters. Here is an updated version of the javascript:
javascript:responsiveVoice.speak(’[[LVAR1.replace("\\", “\\\\”).replace("’", “\\’”).replace("\n", “\\n”)]]’, “UK English Male”);

(note that i have updated the javascript. the forum display \\ as , so i had do add a lot of extra \ to get the javascript correct)



Thanks Sam, but I can’t get this working.
My javascript that works is: javascript:responsiveVoice.speak(’[[LVAR1]]’, “UK English Male”);
but when I replace it with your line I get no sound at all. So I tested the original javascript and tried to get it to say “Don’t” and it failed to respond, then I change the javascript to yours which didn’t respond, and then I put in this one:
javascript:responsiveVoice.speak(’[[LVAR1.replace("’", “’”)]]’, “UK English Male”);
but that didn’t respond either.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?


Oh. I can see that this forum is messing with \ in the text. I have updated my post so that it now display the correct javascript.


Hey Sam, try wrapping your script examples in backticks to bypass the Markdown/HTML parser:

some code here with as many \ backslashes \ as you want

You can also access this formatting by highlighting your text and clicking the Preformatted text icon, </>, at the top of the message editor.


Excellent. It works. Thanks!


I implemented voice in my prototype:
I discovered that changing the “I’m” to “I am” in the widget allows Watson to speak.


Hi sam.hepworth,

May I ask you if you could please share your expertise on how to fix errors that show up in MSIE and Firefox when trying to run javascript calls. I have 2 events OnShow and OnLoad code.
Here link to page with error: [Error in Firefox and MS Edge]

I tried to resolve this but couldn’t figure out.

Voice-Js -browser error.rp (97.8 KB)

Preview for attached file.
Please click to
Here I use javascript code:

javascript:var jsurl_one = document.createElement('script');
jsurl_one.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
jsurl_one.setAttribute("src", "");
var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];

javascript:responsiveVoice.speak('[[LVAR1]]', "US English Male");

Would appreciate your any help and advice!


Hi Natalie,

You can try this version:
Voice-Js -browser error-Sam.rp (98.8 KB)

When you execute javascript in “open link in current window” the javascript should return void or valid html. I have wrapped your javascript like this:

javascript: (function (){
< Your javascript here >

This way you are sure to return void and it also helps you to not create unintentional global variables.


Solved: Link not working in Firefox and MSIE 11

Wow, with this small line of script you saved a prototype that I did during a month. I fixed all voice over parts for Artificial intelligence. No more error message.:tada:

Million of thanks,

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