Inability to create accordion menu in Axure RP 8

I need to create an accordion menu using Axure RP 8. I watched the video at but the narrator was using a more recent version of Axure.

I selected the header as the video but there is no command in Axure RP 8 that is entitled “Click or Tap to Set Visibility.” So instead of that I added a case in which, on click of the header, it should toggle visibility, and I also selected the Push/Pull Widgets option as well. However, when I preview my accordion menu, it does not work at all. The headers actually disappear on click.

I have a copy of the file I created which I could send someone who would know how to do this in Axure RP 8. Please help! Thanks.

See attached example does in Axure 8. it sounds like based on your description that you are hiding the wrong widget.
accordionmenu.rp (50.8 KB)

Hope this helps