Including global variables in Libraries

Hi all, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to include global variables in Axure Libraries? Basically, I want to distribute a library widget which is reliant on some variables and have those variables pull through automatically when other users drag the widget into their projects.

Not in libraries, no. Global variables are file-specific, so the only way to reliably duplicate them is to create a base project file that you duplicate to start a new project. I suspect Axure are not going to include global variables in libraries because large numbers of global variables can significantly degrade performance, so their advice is to use them sparingly.

Okay, that’s what I thought really, but thanks for confirming!

I’ve experimented with injecting global variables at runtime with JS in version 8, but I’m revisiting it in version 9 as things have changed. if I get it working to my satisfaction I can share my results.

Its posible to simulate it in some cases throught text in widget. In object from library put variable in widget (set it as hidden). You can work within widget with these value.

In project, after place a widget, read it on Onpageload from widtget to global variable