Inconsistent event triggering with repeater?


I have set up a cascade of actions based on a repeater on load event. The actions result in a widget being shown, and starting a state change event which cycles through two states using a short timer to flash the widget on/off.

This all works great when the page loads. The problem is, when I start applying filters to the repeater, the icons stop flashing. I don’t know understand why this is.

I think I understand how the repeater works, and my understanding is that it re-loads the items when the filter is applied. So, shouldn’t that trigger the same event chain and end up with the same results (i.e. flashing widgets).

RP file attached. Happy to answer any questions or provide more details. Trying to keep things brief… the widgets in question are alert icons which are dynamic panels called “WarningAlert” and “CriticalAlert” inside all of the “gauge” style masters (i.e. BP master, TEMP master, etc.)


Project_210403_1.rp (618.0 KB)

You have a very complex prototype, with very complex repeater, a lot of Masters, and a lot of global variables. Hard to see and understand all that is going on, much less understand it. My guess is you are just trying to do too many things at once and overloading the browser and/or system to do all of it, so commands get dropped or skipped.

I notice you have two cases with “If true” logic. That’s not good as you can’t guarantee both will actually be triggered. I’m surprised it works at all… but moving the “Fire Event” action to the first “If true” case doesn’t seem to help anything.

Do your alert icons ever not blink? You could greatly simplify things by using looping animated GIFs instead of dynamic panels with repeated state changes and firing multiple events. If there is a choice to blink or not, it would still really help if one state of your dynamic panel had nothing, second state was a static image, and third state an animated GIF–then you show it static by changing to State1 and blink it by changing to State2. Much easier and less drain on resources to change a state once versus repeatedly–and multiply that by 5 icons and 20-some rows.

Might also help to pull the alert icons off the masters–or at least not try to deal with them in the masters. Should be more reliable if they are in the repeater directly.