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I have a dynamic panel with two states and on load or on click I have set a particular panel state to appear. However every-time the wrong view loads and that too with an extra checkbox appearing from nowhere. In the edit mode of the panel both states are working fine but it is only when I want to launch a state on click of an icon/button does the wrong view appear. I want the view standard folder (capital account balance) to appear but the shared folder view appears on load and that too with an additional checkbox. Kindly advise how to resolve the issue. I would also open the pop-up on click of an icon so let me know how to open the view correctly. Attaching the file.
manage emails - practice 2(Final Updated).rp (607.7 KB)

You have the following onLoad event on the Investor View Pick-List (grabbed from the console of your prototype)

Investor View Pick-List (Droplist)
Case 1
(If selected option of This equals Gulf Stream Capital LP)
Set value of Firm equal to “Gulf Stream Capital Inc”, and
value of Firm_2 equal to “Apollo Global Management”
Add Filter [[item.firm == firm || Item.firm == firm_2]] Remove other filters to Repeater All Inv
Hide chris wilson check all inv,
Jame Hays check all inv,
kevin tom check all inv,
jamie dawson check all inv,
wade Miller check all inv

– If you aren’t familiar with the Axure console, read up on it here: in the “Console” section.

So onLoad of the page, it’s filtering the content in the Standard Folder. You can tell it’s still showing the
“standard folder” because the "investor View dropdown is only displayed on the “Standard Folder” and not the “Shared Folder”.

You’re getting the extra checkbox because “Adam Smith” is filtered out from the repeater, but his checkbox outside of the repeater is not hidden.

I think/hope that answers your question…


You are right that the Investor View dropdown shows for standard folder but the data that I have set for standard folder on picklist value gulf stream capital LP is not the one that is appearing on load. That data is of shared folder. In the conditions also it is mentioned to show firm equals gulf stream capital Inc and Apollo Global Management. That is not happening now and the records of other firms are displaying. If you view the edit mode of panel for standard folder the values are different that what are appearing on load. Please help in resolving this.manage emails - practice 2(Final Updated).rp (611.2 KB)

I don’t understand why you have 2 panel states when you can just filter your repeater any which way you want. I think I had all of that working in the prototype I sent back to you a few posts ago.

So I am having two panel states because I want to show the pop-up with the repeater on click of two different tree nodes (folders) visible on the left side. So for instance I am showing the Standard folder panel on click of Capital Account Balance folder while I want to show the shared folder view on click of Fund Documents (Shared). Since the pop-up opens on different view hence I have to show 2 states in dynamic panel. The value of picklist (Shared) should appear separately and should have only All Folders present with it.

Yeah. You can do all that inside of one repeater and filter it however you want. This might be a better solution than creating DP states for every dropdown… especially if the business requirements tend to change… a lot!

Repeaters are very versatile.

Ya thanks, however the only issue is that if you could look at my file the standard folder panel has the pick-list contact access view having two values i.e. Capital Account Balance and All Folders, however on the click of shared folder i want the values as Fund Documents (Shared) & All Folders only. Can you let me know how I can achieve this without creating a dynamic panel.

Hows about this?

manage emails - practice 3.rp (732.2 KB)

Looks like Jed is helping you out. He’s right about using a single source instead of duplicating content in Dynamic Panels, but I figure to each his or her own :slight_smile:

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Hi Jed!!

Is it possible to setup a call for this as what I am looking for is slightly different. I see that you have also created a dynamic panel for the pop-up. Else let me know how can I achieve this with the method I have employed. Is there any thing wrong in the conditions?

Please help it is very urgent not able to load the right pop-up. Please advise how can I achieve this using my approach. Is there anything wrong with the conditions. I am able to view the modes correctly in preview mode if I edit the panel state.