Incorrect text in some devices


I’m currently running a remote usability test on a high fidelity prototype, but some texts and labels on my prototype are being displayed different than the original in some devices (2 in a 9 sample). It’s very odd and I have never seen something like that before. Some examples:

There is a button labeled “SIMULAR PARCELAS”, that is displayed “PARCELAS SIMULARES” which does not make any sense in Brazilian Portuguese.

On another device, there is a message that says “Mais chances de aprovação” (means “most likely to be approved”) that is displayed as “mais chances de esperar” (“most likely to wait”).

Have anyone a guess on why is this happening? I’m not sure this is related to Axure or if it may be some setting on the user device.


That is very odd. These messages must be somewhere in your prototype as Axure does not dynamically change messages. Do you have an RP file that you can share, where this can be reproduced?

Hi Yaba, thank you for your answer.

Sadly I cannot share my prototype, as this an ongoing project from a client. But after some digging, I think that somehow, users with this issue are having the interface automatically translated by their mobile browser (Chrome) from English to Brazilian Portuguese, although there is no message in the interface that shows that. As all content in my prototype is already in portuguese, the translation does not really make sense (and most texts are not “translated” at all) . The only thing I could not figure out is how to prevent this behavior, as there are no language settings in Axure.

OK, but then it’s not an Axure issue, but the Google translation in the browser.