Inline frame reloaded when varialbe is changed


I have a project which has the following (unfortunately I’m unable to attach a sample file):

  1. A parent page has an inline frame (showing another page in the project).
  2. When I click on some widget in the inline frame page, a global variable is changing its value.
  3. On the parent page, I have an infinite loop listener, implemented as a Dynamic Panel alternating between 2 states every 300ms: When OnPanelStateChange occurs, an “if” condition checks the value of the variable, and then triggers another interaction in the parent page.
  4. This is a common solution pattern found in many other threads on this forum.

This worked well for me. Then, I duplicated the branch containing the parent and child pages, and made only design chagnes in the duplicated branch (added widgets, changed colors, etc.).

The problem is: on the duplicated branch, exactly when the value of the G.V is changed (click in the inline frame) - the inline frame reloads in the parent page! the G.V briefly changes value, but immediately after the reload - reverts to its default value. Only when repeating the action - clicking in the inline frame after it reloads - the behavior is as expected.

What might trigger this annoying reload?

I tried: using a different G.V., and also removing the original branch - but the problem persists. I can’t understand why changing the value of a global variable causes an inline frame to reload.

Would appreciate any help.