Inline Hyperlink

How do we create a inline hyperlink? In other words, how do we make a part of the text in the text area widget work as hyperlink? One way to do it in is to create a hotspot. Is there an alternative way to do so?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Highlight the text you wish to make a link; Right Click; Select ‘Insert Text Link’.

If you then select the resultant hotspot, you can style the new text link.

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Thanks James

Is it also possible to create a border around the text? Like a frame, to make it an inline button link?

Hi gegenwind,

There isn’t a way to add a border style to hyperlink text, so the best way would be to add the text to a separate Box 1 widget, auto-fit the text, and then create a hyperlink from the text in Box 1. I know this takes a bit more work, but it should give the hyperlink the “frame” appearance you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Uploade my file:
link.rp (68.2 KB)
Maybe it will help, regards Natalie