Input fields to open native iOS/Android voice dictation


I have a search field in my prototype and would like to add a microphone icon whereby on click, it opens up the iOS/Android voice dictation, capture the user’s speech, and inputs it into the field.

At the moment, the inout field jsut brings up the native iOS/Android keyboard, and it takes a second click on the mic icon in the native keyboard to do this.

Is there a way I can achieve a single tap on a visible microphone icon to bring up a voice diction ready to listen for voices?

thank you

Hi thisisdan,

There isn’t currently a native way in Axure RP to trigger voice dictation in the mobile output, but I’ll go ahead and submit this as a feature request for you! Currently, the only way to trigger voice dictation is to do what you’ve been doing, i.e. pull up the device’s keyboard and click on the mic icon.