Interaction in nested DP

In the attached RP file, there is a carousel (I’ve deleted all but one frame because I couldn’t upload it otherwise).

In the corner of the image is an [i]. That is a DP with 2 states:

Closed - [i]
Open - [i][Photographer Name]

The little square with an [i] has an action in each state to open and close the box.

But it doesn’t. It’s something to do with the nesting but I can see what. I’ve copied it out so that it’s not in a DP and it works fine. Nested, you don’t even get the cursor change into a hand.

Anyone throw any light on it for me please?2021 Photo Comp V1 - scratch.rp (1.3 MB)

Your carousel slide content is layered incorrectly. It appears that ‘Image Frame’ and ‘Photogroup’ are transparent, so you can see the photographer info DP. However, transparent items don’t allow clicks through them, so you need to move the DP to the top of the stack in the outline pane so that they can be clicked on.

If something you expect to be clickable doesn’t turn into a clickable mouse pointer when you hover over it, it is usually because there’s something blocking the click, and it is usually a transparent widget of some kind.

2021 Photo Comp V1 - scratch-reordered.rp (1.3 MB)

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Thanks for that. I need the [i] in that group because there are 12 images and each one has one of these will have one that slide with the image. But I wanted the frame in front so that it looks like the images are sliding behind it.

I’ve got round it by using horizontal and vertical lines but I wouldn’t have got that far without your push in the right direction, so thank you!

Yes, I don’t think there’s a way currently to make a rectangle widget into a hollow rectangle that you can click through, although you can make the fill transparent.

You can select all of the horizontal and vertical lines and join them together using the ‘Unite’ button in the toolbar. This will make them into a single widget you can reuse.

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