Interaction panel bug for repeaters?

When you look ate the Interaction panel for repeaters (OnItemLoad), it looks no target exist for the ‘set text’ and ‘set image’ actions.
However the target does exist.
In set image action there is even an (!) icon indicating target missing while it does work. See below gif and images.

Hope it’s not the new UI that confuses me. but the (!) on the set image action is for sure wrong, since set image works.


Update. same issue happens in other interactions. Restarting Axure resolved the issue…

I guess it’s a glitch :confused:

Hi Greenozaur!

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce this blank targeting issue with a repeater’s OnItemLoad Set Text or Set Image actions, or with any other interactions just yet. Would it be possible for you to post the RP file where you were experiencing this issue here? This could help to further investigate any causes of this issue.