Interaction to set text of a widget to a combination of a string plus the selected options of two other widgets

Using a function, I’m trying to set the text of a widget to be basically (using pseudo-code) “Only show this question if the answer to [[widgetname.selection]] is [[this.selection]].”

Extra bonus would be listing all the selected items of a list box widget, such as “Only show this question if the answer to [[widgetname.selection]] is [[this.firstselecteditem]], [[this.secondselecteditem]], or [[this.thirdselecteditem]].” (using as many commas as appropriate, and placing “or” before the last one).

The closest piece of documentation I could find was , but it didn’t have enough detail or seem to lead anywhere useful for this.

What syntax does one use in a function to refer to the selection or multiple selections of a widget?

My Axure file:

Hi mrengy,

I believe local variables can help here. Local variables are useful as they allow you to reference a specific widget or a property of that widget (e.g. “selected option of”), which you can read more about below:


If you wanted to save the selected option of multiple widgets, store the selected option of those widgets to a local variable and use the “Set Text” action to set the text on the targeted widget to those local variables. Here’s an example of how that would look like in the Edit Text dialog:

In the case that you wanted to show the next widget depending on the selected option of the previous widgets, you can use and combine multiple conditional cases, for example:

What the above is saying is that only when the selected option of the first list box equals Soup, the second list box equals Steak, and the third list box equals Chocolate Molten Cake will the text on the targeted widget get set to those selected items. You can read more about conditional logic here:

Conditional Logic

I added a page in your file to demonstrate the above. Let me know if you have any questions!
IA-5493 inc_EDIT.rp (743 KB)

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hello axure, can you fix this content? an answer here would have been very helpful.

Hi jbarriePP,

Hmm, could you specify what content you’re looking for? Is it related to mregny’s original post, or something else?