Interaction works on a colored shape, but not on a white one


I have an interesting case – I think, unless you can find a silly mistake that I’m missing.
Anyway. Check out the attached rp file.
There are 2 charts, a colored on and a white one.
There is also a repeater, which stores tooltip data.

Hovering over the chart, filters the repeater to show the correct data and moves it above the hovered bar.

This works great on the top chart where the bars are colored.
This doesn’t work when the bars are white.

What the heck??

tooltip_error.rp (117.6 KB)

Thank you for any ideas!


In the white version’s move speech-bubble command, your “tooltip” local variable has not been defined for the X or Y location: only LVAR1 is there. Add that in and it should work fine.

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Oh goodness. Thank you.

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