Interactions have stopped working in Preview mode despite them being visible as interactive hotspots

Hi all, I’m a relative newbie to Axure but my skills are definitely improving. However yesterday I have encountered a problem that i cannot diagnose and its causing me a real headache.

I’ve been developing a large prototype HCI at work for some weeks now. After introducing changes to a completely separate area of the interface I have come back to run a preview of an area that was previously functioning perfectly well and I can no longer interact with the widgets therein. ( I have not edited this area at all for some weeks). The Features are all highlighted as interactive hotspots in the preview view, but I cannot make them work. Interestingly the the features themselves are text boxes with a white background style. However, in preview mode they now appear grey as if being seen “through” another layer?

I’ve checked for obvious things such as foreground widgets / dynamic panels blocking access to the interactive features,(I’ve fallen foul of this little nugget before) but there does not seem to be any evidence of this as far as i can see. Are there any handy debugging tools in Axure that could help me diagnose what is going on?
I note previous suggestions on the forum suggest using the Inspect feature in the html to diagnose the problem. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated

I do wonder if this kind of thing can happen as the result of the model getting corrupted in some way? Axure stalled on me the other day when I used the search and replace function.
I had an error dialog pop up, but I was able to dismiss this and continue with no apparent ill effects. Is this a possible cause of my difficulties?

Normally i realise one would attach the ‘.rp’ file or a screen grab of the problem to this post, but unfortunately I am unable to do so because of the sensitive nature of the project on which I am working. I realise the difficulty of working in the abstract but if anyone has any ideas on how to diagnose or even solve my problem I would be very grateful. My deadline looms on the project and this problem could potentially cost me a week’s additional time in reworking a previously saved version. This is time I do not really have.


One thing you might try, if you suspect something’s corrupted, is to open a new file and use File: Import from RP file to pull in every page, style, master, etc. It’s not a magic wand but it has got me out of a few jams.

The other thing you can do is save a copy of your file and tear it down. Just start deleting things. It’s a copy, so you don’t need to be careful. I usually start by deleting a bunch of stuff that seems unconnected, just to get it out of the way, but wherever you start, refresh your preview at each step to confirm the problem is still there. If the problem disappears, then you undo your last deletion and get more selective (maybe you’re deleting individual widgets instead of groups, or interactions instead of widgets). I work on confidential projects, too, but it usually doesn’t take long to either localize the issue or remove enough information that I can share the file with someone who could conceivably help, and it’s time well spent.


Thanks for the advice Jeff. I will of course try the serial deletion of features approach, but I did not know about the. Import RP file option so I’ll give that a go too. I’ll let you know how I get on. Thank you.