Interactions: How to remove extra case?

I ran into this a few times when pasting interactions
An extra case is added without me intending to do so. I don’t see an option to delete the extra case, it also shows up empty in the preview. Strange

Hi arouben,

Hmm! That is strange. Do you notice a particular pattern to when the extra case shows up (e.g. specific IX you are copying over, specific events that do this, etc.), or does it happen at random? Is the issue specific to using the copy & paste shortcut keys, or via right-click? If you’re able to reliably reproduce this in a new file or if it’s specific to a file, could you post that here so I could investigate? Also, could you let me know whether you are running the 9 beta on a Mac or a Windows machine?

Hi Jane,
Pasted via cmd+v
Control is in the master

I can email the file privately, sorry I can’t posted it here

Hi arouben,

Yes please! You can email the file to

File is Sent via email